Owning Your Health
Length:60 Minutes
Age Target:High School To Seniors
Groups:Athletes, Musicians, Students, Office Workers, etc.
Venues:High Schools, Colleges, Workplace, Health Clubs, Community Forums, Social CLubs, Assisted Living, Artistic Performing Groups, etc.
Contact:Email | 617-997-3753

Over the years I've spent more and more of my practice time focusing on people's concerns and fears about their own health and the confusing landscape of healthcare overall. I have always found that helping people understand how their bodies are actually designed and work is the most important support there is; this foundation is essential to addressing health challenges and questions with more confidence and less stress.The seminar uses a simple, direct and unifying approach. Health choices are presented and organized to make them understandable and meaningful. No one knows us better than ourselves and when we self-advocate from knowledge and principle we are more likely to experience health as a birthright than as simply a fluke or good fortune. That is the goal of this talk; helping people "own" their health.